XeBee Records was founded by two people who spent the majority of their careers working at a large personal injury law firm. As a company, we have extensive experience collecting medical records and other documents from across the country – and beyond!

Excellent customer service is our core value. We practice this principle not only with our customers, but everyone with whom we interact. One example of this is our approach with the medical community. From our perspective, each facility represents the opportunity to develop a lasting, cordial, and mutually beneficial relationship. We listen to them, learn, and then follow their specific procedures for releasing records. The result of these actions is that we are able to quickly deliver requested materials to our customers, while not becoming a nuisance to medical facilities. We do not use outsourcing or call centers and all contacts are made by thoroughly trained employees in our Commerce City, Colorado office.

XeBee is dedicated to its customers. We know that every law practice is unique. We work closely with each of our customers to understand their individual requirements, then tailor our services accordingly. For example, you may choose to make your requests via our web application, or use our simple form along with a single patient release and let us do the rest! You may wish to have your records sorted chronologically, or by specific type of note. Perhaps you prefer to have records sent on a CD or DVD. If you have cases in litigation, you may choose to have XeBee Bates-stamp your records with a specific labeling convention prior to delivery.

XeBee is available via telephone or email to respond to your questions or concerns. Please call us toll free at (855) 607-0324 for any issue. To communicate via email, please see our Contact Us page for specific information.