Let us research your client’s medical providers!

XeBee Records is pleased to offer a medical provider research service.

Simply send us an insurance or subrogation ledger (e.g. workers compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, automobile medical payments) along with a single patient-signed authorization.

We will research all of the contact information for each provider listed, fill out all the authorizations, and then collect all of the Medical Records in Denver, CO and/or bills.

This service is ideal for those in the personal injury and worker’s compensation arenas. By taking out of your hands the responsibility of determining your client’s medical providers, and the tedium of researching their contact information, we save you precious time.

Sending us an insurance ledger is especially useful when collecting records and bills for a client with a prolonged in-patient hospital stay. While your client may have told you that he or she was admitted to a specific hospital, it is highly likely that there is more than just a single treating physician or bill involved in that hospital stay.

A subrogation ledger is the best way to determine your client’s “hidden” medical providers, such as hospitalists and specialists, laboratories, anesthesiologists, radiologists, surgical assistants, trauma physicians, and many others.

Just let us know the date of loss for your client and we will take care of the rest.